JBR Article Forthcoming

New Article Forthcoming in the Journal of Business Research:

To agree or not to agree? A meta–analytical review of strategic consensus and organizational performance

Franz W. Kellermanns*, Jorge Walter**, Steven W. Floyd***, Christoph Lechner***, & John C. Shaw****

* Mississippi State University, ** Portland State University, *** University of St. Gallen, **** Jacksonville University

The premise underlying most of the research on strategic consensus is that a higher degree of consensus has a positive impact on organizational performance. Empirical studies, however, have produced inconsistent results for the strength and direction of this relationship, as well as for the role of potential moderators. With this meta-analysis, we provide empirical support for a positive effect of strategic consensus on organizational performance, and offer evidence for the existence of several moderators of the aforementioned relationship, which we then discuss as fruitful avenues for future research. This study enhances our understanding of this important strategy process construct and benefits managerial practice by discussing means for improving the realization and implementation of strategies.

Keywords: Strategic consensus, organizational performance, meta-analysis, strategy implementation

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