2012 Academy of Management Annual Meeting


This year’s Academy of Management Annual Meeting took place from August 3-7 in Boston, MA. Under the conference theme “The Informal Economy,” my colleagues and I presented in the following sessions:

  • “Deeds that help and words that hurt: Helping and gossip as moderators of LMX to advice network centrality” with Berrin Erdogan & Talya N. Bauer (both Portland State University);
  • “Exclusivity in biotech licensing deals: What makes licensors restrict their options?” with Ted A. Khoury (Portland State University) & Erin Pleggenkuhle-Miles (University of Nebraska); and
  • “Publish or perish goes global: International scholars’ strategies for publishing in top journals.” Professional Development Workshop organized by Corinne Post (Lehigh University) & Cerdin, Jean-Luc (ESSEC Business School).

For more information, check the AOM Website.