New Article Forthcoming in the Strategic Management Journal

New Article Forthcoming in the Strategic Management Journal:

Organizational control as antidote to politics in the pursuit of strategic initiatives

Markus Kreutzer*, Jorge Walter**, & Laura B. Cardinal***

* University of St. Gallen, ** The George Washington University, *** University of Houston

In contrast to the contingency approach advanced by most prior work, we suggest a complementary perspective on organizational control and its relationship with performance. We argue that the simultaneous use of behavior and outcome control capitalizes on their respective advantages, and is therefore more effective than a sole reliance on either control. Moreover, with organizational control seeking alignment between individual and organizational goals, the benefits of such a complementary approach may be more pronounced in a context characterized by high levels of organizational politics, or the pursuit of individual at the expense of organizational goals. Our analysis of strategic initiatives pursued by 184 European corporations provides support for both a complementary approach to organizational control and a contingency effect of organizational politics.

Keywords: Control theory, organizational control, organizational politics, strategic initiatives, strategy process

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